British Dietetic Association Urges Awareness of the difference Between Dietitians and Nutritional Therapists

Have you ever asked yourself or have you ever wanted to know: What Is The Difference Between a Qualified Dietitian (also known as Clinical Nutritionist) & a “Nutritional therapist”?

To try to describe the difference between these titles and qualifications is futile, as essentially there is NO COMPARISON at all between a real dietitian (with a 4-5 year honours degree, post graduate qualification or PhD from a recognised University) and the training of a nutritional therapist.

Follow this link to read the warning issued by the British Dietetic Association

Check out this blog post by Canadian registered dietitian Kate Park RD, CDE, MAN, BASc

In the words of the infamous stand-up comedian Dara O’Briain (who studied mathematics and theoretical physics at University College Dublin, before embarking on his TV presenting & stand-up career)

“A Dietitian is to a Nutritionist, what a Dentist is to a Toothiologist!”

Or why not check out Dara O’Briain’s Youtube video here on the topic of credentials of health professionals versus quacks!

(*Warning/disclaimer: This clip is not for the faint hearted! Viewer discretion is strongly advised. The views and opinions of Dara O’Briain are not the views and opinion of Niamh O’Connor and/or Cork Nutrition Consultancy)