Claim back up to 50% of your dietetic consultation fees (per visit!)

Private health insurers in the Irish market now realise more and more that it’s far more prudent to allow their members to claim back a significant portion of day-to-day medical expenses for consultations with a wide variety of health care professionals who intervention has proven benefits.

This means lower heath care costs for the insurer in the long run if diseases or potentially serious conditions are diagnosed and treated as early as possible, and there is obviously a better short-term and longer-term outcome for the patients too.

You can now claim back up to 50% of the fee (per visit) to a qualified dietitian through your private health insurance. See FEES section of the site for full details on all health insurance policies, number of annual visits allowed, reimbursement amount & annual excess deductable/payable under each policy (which is zero in many cases).

Remember, you can also claim 20% of the remaining non-reimbursed portion of private dietetic fees through the tax relief via the Med. 1 form, which you can download here:

Example 1: Weight Management Programme

Comprises 7 private consultations.

Usual cost €390.

Special offer Fee: €340 (including ‘bundle’ saving of €50)

Gross cost per visit: €48.57

Claim 50% back on Simply Health Suite with Quinn Healthcare

(5 visits are covered per year, less policy excess of just €1 per policy member)

Total saving/claim from Quinn healthcare for 5 visits @ 50%= €120.43 (incl. €1 excess)

Claim a further 20% tax back (for every visit) on the balance of €219.57 (= €43.91)

Net cost is €175.66 for the entire programme of 7 consultations

Net cost= €25.09 per visit

Total saving: €214.34 (including special offer ‘bundle’ saving of €50)                                       



Example 2: Single once-off consultation

First visit (1 hour), Fee €90

Claim €35 back on VHI Family plan level 2,

Net cost ‘so far’ €55

Claim a further 20% tax back on the balance (€11)

Net cost for initial visit = €44

Total saving €46



Example 3:  Diabetes Bundle (5 consultations)

Fee: €250 (including special offer ‘bundle’ saving of €40)

Gross cost per visit: €50

Claim €25 back on Aviva Health “We plan level 1 Day-to-day 50” (up to 8 visits per member per year, with No policy excess payable).

Net cost ‘so far’ = €25

Claim a further 20% tax back (per visit) on the balance (€5)

Net cost = €100 for the full Diabetes Bundle (5 private consultations)

Net cost = €20 per visit

Total saving €190 (including special offer ‘bundle’ saving of €40)




You can only claim back on fees paid to qualified dietitians (clinical nutritionists) who are members of INDI and carry the initials MINDI after their name. You cannot claim back any portion of fees (through private health insurance or the 20% tax-back via the Med. 1 form) for self-professed nutritionists or nutrition consultants or nutritional therapists who have not attained recognised honours degree, Post graduate honours diplomas, Masters or PhD qualifications from a recognised University in Ireland. Dietitians who obtain their qualification outside Ireland are subject to a rigorous validation process by the Irish Nutrition & Dietetic Institute, and the Department of Health.