Claim up to €80 back per visit to a registered dietitian!

Did you know you can claim back a significant portion of private dietetic fees from your health insurers? VHI healthcare, Aviva, LAYA & GloHealth include registered dietitians on most of their out-patient / day-to-day plans. You can claim between €13 and €80 back per visit to a registered dietitian in private practice! Your dietitian must be qualified, registered and insured with the Irish Nutrition & Dietetic Institute and/or CORU, the new statutory body for regulation of health and social care professions in Ireland

A lot of confusion exists between the various titles within the of nutrition profession. Dietitians who are trained in Ireland have dual qualifications and are nutritionists as well. However, other nutritionists or nutritional scientists have no medical training are not permitted to do one-to-one consultations. The term Nutritionist is not protected by law, so people with different levels of training , or in some cases no training at all, can call themselves a “Nutritionist”! In fact, anyone can call themselves a nutritionist!

Other titles such as holistic nutritionist, wellness coach, nutritional therapist, nutritional advisor, nutrition coach and a multitude of other self-professed diet experts are not covered either so you cannot claims back any portion of monies to paid to them!

Here is an article called Know the Difference, published by the Irish Nutrition & Dietetic Institute: Know the Difference V7 short version – April 2016

Here is another good explanatory table from the British Dietetic Association: Dietitian, Nutritionist & Nutritional Therapist (BDA_2014) Trust A Dietitian Campaign