Why invest in Workplace Health Promotion?

Workplace Health Promotion

At Cork Nutrition we can introduce a programme of better eating for your business that deals with nutrition, over eating and obesity.

The benefits of introducing a workplace wellness campaign into your organisation are well researched and documented.
(Ref.: “Preventing non-communicable diseases in the workplace through diet & physical activity”, World Health Organisation, World Economic Forum, 2008)


Some more interesting statistics!

Only 5% of people are concerned with overweight and obesity, yet if affects two thirds of the adult population in Ireland.

The majority of employees (55%) said that if their employer offered a healthy lifestyle programme that they would participate in it
(Ref.: TNS, MRBI, 2005)


A wealth of data demonstrates that in the long term, companies that promote and protect workers’ health are among the most successful and competitive, and also enjoy better rates of employee retention

Reference: Healthy workplaces: a model for action, For employers, workers, policy-makers and practitioners (World Health Organization, 2010)

Read the full report here:  WHO report – Healthy workplaces, a model for action_2010