New Low-FODMAPs diet for treatment of IBS & other functional gut disorders

The new revolutionary Low-FODMAPs diet which was developed by a team of researchers in Monash University, Melbourne Australia, is now available in Ireland. The diet has been shown to give major symptomatic relief in people with Crohns Disease & up to 75% of people with IBS.

FODMAPs are found in the foods we eat. FODMAPs is an acronym for

Oligosaccharides (eg. Fructans and Galactans)
Disaccharides (eg. Lactose), Monosaccharides (eg. excess Fructose)
and Polyols (eg. Sorbitol, Mannitol, Maltitol, Xylitol and Isomalt)

In Ireland, this new diet is only available from qualified registered dietitians (MINDI accredited). In November 2012, Niamh was one of 25 dietitians who attended & completed the first Fodmap training course for dietitians in Ireland. Niamh now offers the low-Fodmap diet to patients at her private clinics, located at Elmwood Medical Centre, Frankfield Douglas Cork & also the new Mater Private Hospital, City Gate, Mahon, Cork.

Check out this link to Kings College London for Fodmap FAQs.


Here is a list of other freelance FODMAP-trained dietitians in Ireland:

List of SEDI dietitians who are FODMAP trained_updated January 2014

All Dietitians listed are members of the Irish Nutrition & Dietetic Institute (INDI)  &  Self-Employed Dietitians of Ireland (SEDI)