Other Services

1.    Menu Analysis & Calorie posting for

Note: WISP® nutritional analysis software is used for most menu analysis & calorie posting projects. In some cases, for more complicated meals or dishes, and/or when allergen labelling is required by the client, laboratory analysis may also be necessary.

Full Pricelist available on request


 2.     General Menu Auditing & Planning of special diets for medical purposes


3.     Supermarket Promotions


 4.     Nutrition and Diet Media & PR work

See MEDIA section of this site for details


5.     Nutrition and Diet Presentations in Primary & secondary Schools

Presentation Topics include:


6.     Sports Nutrition

 *please note that carded athletes/players & professional sports people should be a specialist accredited freelance sports dietitian. See the SEDI section of this site for further details.


7.     Nutrition & Dietetics Career Guidance-


All fees quoted on request.

Fees to MINDI-registered dietitians/clinical nutritionists are VAT exempt.

Fees include full professional indemnity insurance with the Irish Nutrition & Dietetic Institute.